HealthPartners User Experience Flow

UX Design  |  UI Design

Patients prefer skilled and caring dermatology facilities, which presents a great opportunity for HealthPartners. Following consultation with the research team, I created a clear but powerful experience that allows visitors to access and choose the best choices for their specific circumstances.

The known issues

  • Users seeking basic skincare were unable to schedule appointments that met their needs
  • Users were often left helpless during the appointment scheduling process. They were often left with two choices, call for scheduling or abandon the appointment altogether

The Findings

  • We found out with our initial flow users were left confused and didn’t know where to start
  • First off, the researchers conducted a tree test and card sorting to help understand what the user understood and wanted
  • We also had extensive data showing the most sought after skincare

All of this helped us to come up with series of questions to help guide the user to the care that they need.

Dermatology Wireframes - Desktop

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The solution

We created a flow that asked specific questions about their conditions. As a result, users with basic skin conditions saved time during the online appointment scheduling. Users with complex cases would be recognized and guided to specialty centers. There was a significant rise with online appointments once the new experience was launched.

CaringBridge GoFundMe

UX Design  |  UI Design

CaringBridge has had its fair share of site closures over the years. The UX and UI team collaborated with our Research and Marketing teams to investigate why people would start and then abandon their CaringBridge site. After some investigation, we discovered that one of the primary reasons was the inability to integrate a GoFundMe Campaign with their CaringBridge site. We wanted users to benefit from the services provided by CaringBridge and GoFundMe. So we started talking with the GoFundMe team, and beautiful things began to happen…

The Problem

  • Visitors were unable to leave donations on a user’s CaringBridge page. Users have had no choice but to leave CaringBridge and set up a GoFundMe page, effectively abandoning CaringBridge as a means of keeping family and friends updated on their health journey
  • Users were unhappy because they did not have the same level of control over site privacy as they did with CaringBridge

Research & Learnings

  • Research interviews and prototypes. After extensive research, discovered that users preferred CaringBridge to communicate with family and friends about their health journey, but that in many cases, users were left in a financial bind as a result of their situation. GoFundMe is a popular platform for users to solicit donations. We discovered that users desired the ability to create and link a GoFundMe campaign from their CaringBridge site

Project Success

  • CaringBridge and GoFundME integration created a way for users to create a GoFundMe account from their CaringBridge site after working with the GoFundMe team. Users could also link their GoFundMe URL to their CaringBridge site through the “Ways to Help” page
  • Campaign progression. We were able to create a feature that allows users to see who has recently donated to their campaign as well as the overall progress of it
We saw a significant decrease in CaringBridge site abandonment following the integration of CaringBridge and GoFundMe.

Wireframes Desktop

UI Designs Desktop

HealthPartners Component Design

UX Design  |  UI Design

I was given the task of developing a reusable component that would allow users to move through customized tasks quickly and easily (e.g.., appointment scheduling, paying bills, updating profiles, etc). This “Task-at-Hand” aspect in the following effective example allows patients to easily schedule appointments with their favorite doctor and place. By increasing scheduled visits, the portion increases sales opportunities while also saving money by reducing manual administrative tasks.

Task-at-Hand Wireframes for Appointment Scheduling Flow

Task-at-Hand Desktop Designs for Appointment Scheduling Flow

Task-at-Hand Mobile Designs for Appointment Scheduling Flow

Fingerhut Sweepstakes

UX/UI Design | Branding

The Problem

  • Fingerhut SweepZone, previously known as FunZone, has been renamed. They wanted a rebrand that was consistent with their newly created style guide
  • The sweepstakes experience was 4 pages long at the time, and stakeholders wanted to create an experience that enabled users to access the sweepstakes without having to navigate through multiple pages
  • The FunZone page featured a large background image with several hotspots, resulting in a lengthy load time
  • It was also important for the page to be mobile-friendly

The Solution

  • After a lot of thought and analysis, a two-page experience was developed. One in which the user must enter their email address and pick which sweepstakes they wanted to enter. Users who are registered for the first time go to the other side

  • I created the pages in such a way that they could be accessed from a mobile device without requiring significant changes to the layout

Let’s just say our business partners were overjoyed with the outcome! With the newly designed Fingerhut SweepsZone page, we increased the number of entries and engagement.


Wireframes Desktop

UI Designs Desktop

CaringBridge Open Access

UX Design  |  UI Design  |  User Research

What differentiates CaringBridge from other social media sites? Well, the “Privacy Settings” would be one functionality.

CaringBridge takes pride in allowing its users to decide on their site’s privacy settings. CaringBridge’s marketing and research team spent a lot of time researching and asking the right questions to determine what their users needed in order to meet their individual site setting expectations.

Open Access Flowchart

I designed a flowchart to demo how the privacy tiers would work. We wanted to create the most simple yet effective experience for the user to select their privacy settings

The Problem

  • Users were confused with how CaringBridge’s privacy settings were implemented. They didn’t understand the different tiers that were available, “open”, “medium”, and “high”, and what they meant
  • Users had no idea which privacy tier their site was set to
  • Users did not have a clue where the privacy setting were on their profile

The Findings

  • After intensive research, instead of having the tiers “open”“medium”, and “high”, we discovered that users really liked “anyone”, “registered users”, and “invitation only”. We also included support copy to ensure that users understood what tier group they were selecting
  • Users were very sensitive about having people they didn’t know or weren’t close with the ability to search for about their health journey on search engines
  • Thus, they wanted to be able to block people that they didn’t want reading about their health journey


The Results

Because CaringBridge was built with this privacy in mind, users were given full control to set their own privacy settings as they saw fit and to implement them easily. Customer service calls were drastically reduced 

DigitalRiver Infographics

Illustration  |  Design

I was commissioned to illustrate and design infographics for DigitalRiver’s UnionPay and SaaS vs On-Prem products.

HealthPartners DevDays

Alexa Integration User Experience Storyboarding

HealthPartners hosts an annual event for their employees to come up with new, exciting, and innovative ways to improve their products or services. Some employees suggested improvements to existing projects or products. Some came up with the most creative, outlandish ways to engage with new users or clients. 

The sky was the limit in terms of what you could come up with. 

What we wanted to investigate was how we could use Alexa to help people with disabilities schedule appointments, pay bills, check their MyChart messages and calendar, refill prescriptions, and so on. 

We were a group of UX designers, copywriters, personal assistants, and developers. 

The User Experience Storyboarding used to demonstrate how Alexa and HealthPartners integration could be used and impacted is shown below.

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