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CaringBridge has had its fair share of site closures over the years. The UX and UI team collaborated with our Research and Marketing teams to investigate why people would start and then abandon their CaringBridge site. After some investigation, we discovered that one of the primary reasons was the inability to integrate a GoFundMe Campaign with their CaringBridge site. We wanted users to benefit from the services provided by CaringBridge and GoFundMe. So we started talking with the GoFundMe team, and beautiful things began to happen…

The Problem

  • Visitors were unable to leave donations on a user’s CaringBridge page. Users have had no choice but to leave CaringBridge and set up a GoFundMe page, effectively abandoning CaringBridge as a means of keeping family and friends updated on their health journey
  • Users were unhappy because they did not have the same level of control over site privacy as they did with CaringBridge

Research & Learnings

  • Research interviews and prototypes. After extensive research, discovered that users preferred CaringBridge to communicate with family and friends about their health journey, but that in many cases, users were left in a financial bind as a result of their situation. GoFundMe is a popular platform for users to solicit donations. We discovered that users desired the ability to create and link a GoFundMe campaign from their CaringBridge site

Project Success

  • CaringBridge and GoFundME integration created a way for users to create a GoFundMe account from their CaringBridge site after working with the GoFundMe team. Users could also link their GoFundMe URL to their CaringBridge site through the “Ways to Help” page
  • Campaign progression. We were able to create a feature that allows users to see who has recently donated to their campaign as well as the overall progress of it
We saw a significant decrease in CaringBridge site abandonment following the integration of CaringBridge and GoFundMe.

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