CaringBridge Open Access

UX Design  |  UI Design  |  User Research

What differentiates CaringBridge from other social media sites? Well, the “Privacy Settings” would be one functionality.

CaringBridge takes pride in allowing its users to decide on their site’s privacy settings. CaringBridge’s marketing and research team spent a lot of time researching and asking the right questions to determine what their users needed in order to meet their individual site setting expectations.

Open Access Flowchart

I designed a flowchart to demo how the privacy tiers would work. We wanted to create the most simple yet effective experience for the user to select their privacy settings

The Problem

  • Users were confused with how CaringBridge’s privacy settings were implemented. They didn’t understand the different tiers that were available, “open”, “medium”, and “high”, and what they meant
  • Users had no idea which privacy tier their site was set to
  • Users did not have a clue where the privacy setting were on their profile

The Findings

  • After intensive research, instead of having the tiers “open”“medium”, and “high”, we discovered that users really liked “anyone”, “registered users”, and “invitation only”. We also included support copy to ensure that users understood what tier group they were selecting
  • Users were very sensitive about having people they didn’t know or weren’t close with the ability to search for about their health journey on search engines
  • Thus, they wanted to be able to block people that they didn’t want reading about their health journey


The Results

Because CaringBridge was built with this privacy in mind, users were given full control to set their own privacy settings as they saw fit and to implement them easily. Customer service calls were drastically reduced