Fingerhut Sweepstakes

UX/UI Design | Branding

The Problem

  • Fingerhut SweepZone, previously known as FunZone, has been renamed. They wanted a rebrand that was consistent with their newly created style guide
  • The sweepstakes experience was 4 pages long at the time, and stakeholders wanted to create an experience that enabled users to access the sweepstakes without having to navigate through multiple pages
  • The FunZone page featured a large background image with several hotspots, resulting in a lengthy load time
  • It was also important for the page to be mobile-friendly

The Solution

  • After a lot of thought and analysis, a two-page experience was developed. One in which the user must enter their email address and pick which sweepstakes they wanted to enter. Users who are registered for the first time go to the other side

  • I created the pages in such a way that they could be accessed from a mobile device without requiring significant changes to the layout

Let’s just say our business partners were overjoyed with the outcome! With the newly designed Fingerhut SweepsZone page, we increased the number of entries and engagement.


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