DigitalRiver Infographics

Illustration  |  Design

I was commissioned to illustrate and design infographics for DigitalRiver’s UnionPay and SaaS vs On-Prem products.

HealthPartners DevDays

Alexa Integration User Experience Storyboarding

HealthPartners hosts an annual event for their employees to come up with new, exciting, and innovative ways to improve their products or services. Some employees suggested improvements to existing projects or products. Some came up with the most creative, outlandish ways to engage with new users or clients. 

The sky was the limit in terms of what you could come up with. 

What we wanted to investigate was how we could use Alexa to help people with disabilities schedule appointments, pay bills, check their MyChart messages and calendar, refill prescriptions, and so on. 

We were a group of UX designers, copywriters, personal assistants, and developers. 

The User Experience Storyboarding used to demonstrate how Alexa and HealthPartners integration could be used and impacted is shown below.

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