Fingerhut Sweepstakes

UX/UX Design  |  Branding

The Problem

  • Formerly known as FunZone they changed the name to Fingerhut SweepsZone. They wanted a rebrand that fit the current style guide
  • At the time, the sweepstake experience was 4 pages long. Stakeholders wanted to create an experience that allowed their users to enter the sweepstake without  sending them through many pages
  • They wanted to cut page load times. The page was a huge image with multiple hotspots thus creating slow load times
  • Needed to be accessible on a mobile device

The Solution

  • After a ton of ideation, I designed an experience that was 2 pages long. One where the user could enter their email and choose which sweepstakes they would like to enter
  • I proposed the pages to be dynamically coded instead of being one big image. This help the team to update the page easy and quickly
  • I designed the page in a way that made it easily obtainable on a mobile device without changing the layout much

Let’s just say our business partners were super pumped with the outcome! We ramped up the number of entries and engagement with the newly design Fingerhut’s Sweepszone page.



Landing Page
Entry Page

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