HealthPartners User Experience Flow

UX Design  |  UI Design

Patients prefer skilled and caring dermatology facilities, which presents a great opportunity for HealthPartners. Following consultation with the research team, I created a clear but powerful experience that allows visitors to access and choose the best choices for their specific circumstances.

The known issues

  • Users seeking basic skincare were unable to schedule appointments that met their needs
  • Users were often left helpless during the appointment scheduling process. They were often left with two choices, call for scheduling or abandon the appointment altogether

The Findings

  • We found out with our initial flow users were left confused and didn’t know where to start
  • First off, the researchers conducted a tree test and card sorting to help understand what the user understood and wanted
  • We also had extensive data showing the most sought after skincare

All of this helped us to come up with series of questions to help guide the user to the care that they need.

Dermatology Wireframes - Desktop

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The solution

We created a flow that asked specific questions about their conditions. As a result, users with basic skin conditions saved time during the online appointment scheduling. Users with complex cases would be recognized and guided to specialty centers. There was a significant rise with online appointments once the new experience was launched.