My Design Process

Discovery and Ideation

What are we looking for? What are we trying to solve? For me, knowing what we are trying to solve is one of the biggest parts of the design process. Once we know what we are trying to solve, we can throw all ideas (big or small) on the table. Next we prioritize the ideas that would most impact the problem we are trying to solve. 

Testing and Learning

I believe that in every project whether big or small, there needs to be some user testing involved. Whether it is card sorting or prototyping, testing is always important for a successful design experience. This phase shows where your design needs improvement, or in some cases, allows new solutions to surface from interacting with live test users. 

I also love to have this phase tested with stakeholder as well. This allows us to see if we are hitting the points they have given us to make our project successful.


Iterate, Build and Analysis

It is time to take what we have learned and improve on all the new opportunities of our design. Once we have improved the design it is always good to test it until the team and stakeholders are satisfied with the results. 

Now the project is live and gathering analytics. This helps to measure where we can improve and ensures a positive experience. 

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